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NDI Foundation

"National Development and Innovation" Foundation (NDI FOUNDATION) -

non-governmental organization aims to develop knowledge of new technologies and support Ukraine's transition to a technological economy. The Foundation provides the infrastructure for the development of technological entrepreneurship, innovative companies, research in key areas of the economy and attracts talented young people to actively participate in these processes.

VISION: Ukraine-developed technological state full rights partner in the competitive global market.


Olga Krupskaya
Olga Krupskaya

The role in NDI Foundation: President

Bologna complient Master of Economics and strategical Management. 10 years of experience in the field of management consulting. More than succesful 100 cases done in forming management and project teams for international companies operating in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. the experience of forming management teams to start businesses of international industrial companies in Ukraine, Russia, former ussr space, problem solving and performance management projects, business development in emerging markets. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Feel free to contact with general queries regarding cooperation with NDI Foundation or participation in projects of the organization.
Davyd Statnikov
Davyd Statnikov

The role of NDI Foundation:
Chief expert

Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the Center for new technologies. Since 1973, more than 20 years, David has directed the construction and new technology enterprises launching based on the inventions of National Academy of Science of Ukraine and independent Ukrainian scientists worldwide. Davyd had worked as a deputy of Boris Paton. Having trained at the Scandinavian Center Marketing (1982-1989), prepared and implement a practical program for Ukraine SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY-ECONOMY. Davyd has been working for over 15 years as a visiting lecturer in innovation management in Spanish universities. More than 20 years has been engaged in the commercialization of innovative technologies and engineering innovations, organization of innovative companies in USA, Spain, Norway and other countries globally.

Apply with requests for scientific and technical expertise of projects, R&D development, requests for innovative solutions and technologies search.
Lyudmyla Bilokon

The role in NDI Foundation: Director of Executive Education Programs

Director of «KPD: KNOWLEDGE, PERFORMANCE, DEVELOPMENT». More than 15 years of experience in HRM and management development in Ukraine and CIS countries. Has worked as Human Resource & Organizational Development Director for DHL, Gallaher, XXI Century. Since 2008 co-owner reputable consulting company providing training and management development programs. Since 2006 has been lecturing at business schools: IMI, IIB, Edinburgh Business School. Master Degree in Cybernetics and qualification in Human Recourses Certification Institute (HRCI), United States.

Refer inquiries of implementing training courses on innovation management, talent development, team development for innovative and investment projects, corporate programs for efficiency growth and performance management.
Stanislav Zagursky

The role in NDI Foundation: Director NDI Engineering School

Master Degree in Economics and Psychology. More than 15 years of experience in human resources management in large corporations, successful experience of youth projects and work with prospective students. Experience of project management of integrated automation of business processes associated with the selection, evaluation, testing and development of people, talent management, knowledge management programs development, corporate communication and development. CIPD certified Trainer. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Please contact with requests of online courses and e-learing programs development on innovation management, automated knowledge management, organization of online mentoring for innovative projects.
Анатолій Шаповалов
Anatoly Shapovalov

The role in NDI Foundation: Chief Project Officer

Master Degree in Engineering and Personnel managementl. 15 years of experience in management development cross various business sectors: government agencies, enterprises in FMCG, B2B markets, agriculture. Has been worked for both domestic and large Western companies. Successful experience of managing projects in the field of management consulting, distribution development, project teams development and mentoring, recruitment, corporate universities launching and development, business processes, policies and procedures systematization. Certified practicing business trainer and coach. CIPD HR. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Apply with requests for system projects of NDI Foundation, organization of project teams and collaborative projects.
Alex Chuprinko
Alex Chuprinko

The role in NDI Foundation: Director of Strategic Projects

Master Degree in finance and international marketing. 15 years of successful experience in implementation of the systematic investment and innovation projects for heavy industries - energy, extraction of petroleum; engineering and technology industries - telecommunications, IT and others. Successful experience in creation and development of international competence centers on project management. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Apply with requests for the development and implementation of innovative high-tech projects, cross-disciplinary cooperation, development of technological projects with sector impact.
Osadchiy Bogdan
Osadchiy Bogdan

The role in NDI Foundation: Director of external affairs

Master degree Engineer Technician. Ten years of experience in management: planning, organizing, coordinating of business. Experience of implementing projects in the areas of B2B, B2C, B2G. The successful experience in development of logistic chains, building partnership relations, foreign economic activity and launching foreign offices of technology companies. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Osadchyuk Yehor
Osadchyuk Yehor

The role in NDI Foundation:Chief Project Manager

Master Degree in Engineering. Over 5 years of experience in the field of heavy engineering. Experience of starting from the scratch new industrial equipment production, development and implementation of a new range of optional equipment for wide range of industries: machine building, metallurgy, instrumentation and other high-tech areas. Successful project management experience, establishing of quality systems, introduction of new processes and expanding the product range of machine-building enterprises. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.



Search and selection of new technologies, innovative approaches, applied research and inventions by your personal order

Independent qualified expertise of scientific developments

Preparation of investment proposals in the field of new technologies

Support in the organization of research work

Management and organizational support of technology companies

NDI Foundation as soon as possible will process your request and provide you value added reliable solution for technologies development and innovation management.


Individual support in commercialization of innovative technologies

Innovation management: support in the preparation of project documentation, shaping business models, investment plan and project development to operation

Investors negotiations and promoting technology to the market

Educational and mentoring programs

NDI Foundation will give you a conclusion of the prospects for commercialization of your invention and provide free professional support in commercializing and implementing of innovative project.